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  • 2021/07/15 MOUSSU SÉVERINE

    BONJOUR Achat le 6/6/21 de Portable Ice Machine-Ice Cubes Ready in 6 mins QTE 2... TRANSACTION 6YA27645F9968121D NUMERO FACTURE 43681-XFC95862 MONTANT 65,89 USD Nous sommes le 15/07/21 et toujours pas de machines à glaçons livrées ni de possibilité de suivi.... PAYPAL Contacté pour signaler le problème. Merci de me dire ce qu il en est. Bonne journée

  • 2021/07/06 Mamdouh Aly

    Hallo , ich habe bei Ihnen im März was bestellt. zwar ein Automatic Fishing Bracket und PCS - Tilting Car Lift 3000 mit Transaktioncode : 37V554295L550030Y , Rechnungsnummer :81473-RXG68579 . am 06.März , bis heute habe die Ware noch nicht bekommen. bitte um nach folgen , wo ist meine Ware ? Danke

  • 2021/06/26 Katrina Jones

    I purchased a shampooer from you guys and have yet to receive it

  • 2021/06/15 Guy Walker

    I purchased a tilting car lift 3000 on March 16 2021 and have received nothing. This was item # YC2B2100396HEI. The transaction ID is 5AA25684FR4962232. The invoice # 43003-FBY12934. It has 3 months, please send my merchandise and provide a tracking number.

  • 2021/06/14 Schmitzer Koehle

    Hy i have buy on 5.4.21 order with 43003-OMJ63451 On Paybal. Where i my order?

  • 2021/06/07 Mary Simon

    I ordered double legged activity compressor for $19.99cia PayPal. April, 05, 2921. Where is my pkg Wharton Plaza 1820 Red River Ave. Apt. 503 Wharton, Texas 77488 Please hurry up and send.

  • 2021/06/07 Mary Simon

    I purchased a transformer scooter from Order#101119-EUVS SKUGTR4F2100027HPQ For $79.99 on 05, 31,2021 and have not received it yet. It was purchased via PayPal, please send it. 1820 Red River Ave. Apt. 503 Wharton Plaza Apts. Wharton, Texas 77488 Where is the verification code?

  • 2021/06/02 Ove Andstrom

    Hello, I made a purchase on the 11 of march 2021. I have not heard anything and I am still waiting for my product. How much longer do I have to wait? Rgds, Ove Andstrom

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